Pregnancy Pilates  60mins

Meet other like minded Mums-to-be in this antenatal Pilates class. As pregnancy progresses an increase in size and weight puts pressure on the back  and hips but particularly the lower spine. By using gentle spinal and pelvic mobility exercises along with releasing stretches, aches and pains common in the lower back and shoulders can be eased making everyday activities feel more comfortable. As well as helping your body cope with the rigours of pregnancy, this class focuses on preparing the body for childbirth. A trained pelvic floor can cope better with labour and can also stretch more readily, minimizing the risk of tears or trauma. A relaxation section for pregnant mums is perfect for bringing together a mind-body balance and is how we finish each class. Please do inform me about any medical conditions prior to joining this class

Price: £48 for 6 week course**

All Levels  60mins

Each move is based on a fundamental level exercise which will suit the beginner, with progressions offered to suit those more experienced or abled. Pilates is a form of resistance training so in addition to body weight, bands will be introduced to add variety, intensity or to support moves. All equipment is provided. Those new to Pilates are able to join these sessions but will be asked to come along to the first class a little bit earlier to talk through some of the Pilates principles.

Price: £48 for 6 week course

1 to 1 & Private Classes  60mins

Sometimes a 1 to 1 session is preferable for a variety of reasons. I can come to your home or work place and tailor a session to suit your needs at a time that suits you. Small private classes work on the basis of 2 - 4 people wanting to get together for regular classes at their own venue. Small group sessions with friends or colleagues can be great value and allow more flexibility as sessions can be made on a weekly basis

Price: From £30 per hour

Pilates mats and blocks/bands are available for use

Most classes run in 5-7 week blocks and are booked in advance

Drop-ins at an increased rate may be possible at some venues but must always be booked in advance. Please contact me for further information

** Available on weekly booking where spaces available.

Fundamentals  60mins

For complete beginners or those preferring to stick with fundamental mat work moves. Learn how to engage your core, set up anatomical neutral and engage the Pilates breathing technique. A posture analysis on the first course will determine which moves are particularly helpful to you and adaptations and modifications will be offered to every individual to suit their postural needs. Improved flexibility of tight muscle groups allows a greater range of movement around the joints. This course is ideal for those wanting to get to grips with fundamental Pilates or those in need of rehabilitation following clearance from a Physio or GP.

Price: £48 for 6 week course

Mother & Baby Post-natal Pilates  45 mins

The post-natal period is full of change and demands emotionally and physically, especially for first time mums. Returning to the gym or classes can feel strange following childbirth and even intimidating in the gym or studio. The focus of these shorter 45 minute sessions is deep abdominal and pelvic floor recovery and redressing imbalances caused by pregnancy. It is also an opportunity for like minded new mums to begin gentle exercise together in a safe and calm environment under the care of a specialist post natal instructor. Babies up to crawling age are welcome with blankets and soft toys and tea/coffee is available afterwards giving you the chance to feed your baby and chat to other new Mums. Please feel free to turn up a bit early to feed/change/settle your baby, the Arkle Centre has good facilities and is a baby friendly place.

Please contact me prior to starting the class as spaces are limited and this is a very popular class.

£8 per class

No course booking but advanced booking essential

 Classes & Prices

'Tri' Pilates for Sports Performance  60mins

For those wanting to improve sports performance these classes focus on increasing stability in the joints specific to exercise from the ankles up to the shoulder girdle. Muscular imbalances around the spine, hips and shoulders can cause inefficient movement patterns and increase the chance of injury and reduce performance. These classes are ideal for those wanting to avoid injury and improve power output. Classes will be planned to develop strength and flexibility relevant particularly to running, swimming and cycling. Fundamental moves are crucially still part of these sessions but more challenges are incorporated. If you are new to Pilates but would like to take part in this class, a short 1-1 session maybe required.

Price: £48 for 6 week course